The One and Only Ivan

— feeling love
The One and Only Ivan - Patricia Castelao, Katherine Applegate
"Inspired by the true story of a gorilla who spent 30 years alone in a cage at an indoor zoo in a mall". This book is about a gorilla named Ivan and that lives in a cage in a mall. The book displays the life of Ivan and how his current life prevents him from remembering what his old life in the jungle was like. The book illustrates all of the obstacles he goes threw while reciting the enclosure.  Ivan loves to paint and the  custodian's daughter also loves to paint and shares her supplies with Ivan. This allows him to find new ways to express his experience. The One and Only Ivan illustrates how art is a powerful and beautiful way to express emotions and communicate with others. This book could be used in a classroom to introduce art in the community. The students could also research about importance artists and how their art plays an important role in history.
Grade: 3-8
Fountas and Pinnell: S